Can I get a refund for my ticket? 
All tickets are non-refundable, once the tickets are purchased, those funds go directly into providing the highest quality cinema experience. If you are looking to re-sell your ticket, we strongly recommend using a recognised ticket reselling website as there have been numerous fraud cases regarding facebook selling sites. Refunds are only available if the event is cancelled. These refunds will be processed within 7 working days (depending on your bank). 

Can I exchange my ticket for another showing? 
Should you wish to book an alternative showing, you will need to purchase tickets for the new showing and then send us confirmation of the purchased tickets. We will then be able to provide a refund for the original tickets.

What happens if it rains? 
Don't worry! We are well prepared with fully waterproof equipment, keep an eye on our social media, and ensure your contact details are upto date, as we may text/email with updates to weather. 

Can i bring pets? 
Please contact us directly, as this has to be reviewed on a case by case basis. 

Where is the nearest carpark? 
Please call us on 0800 779 7388 or view site specific information in the venues tab on our website. 

Do I need to print my ticket? 
Its entirely upto you, we can scan your tickets from your phone, tablet, smart watch or other electrical device. We also store detailed records of all tickets sales in our centralised booking system, so you can redeem your tickets using any valid form of ID. 

Can I bring my child? 
Of course! But please be considerate of our other guests. The parents of any misbehaving children will be warned if disruption to the event occurs, we reserve the right to ask any guest to leave during the film if disruption continues. 

Does my child require a ticket? 
We require children 5+ to purchase tickets. 

When can I arrive? 
We spend many hours setting up our events due to the complexity of the technology, hence we can allow patrons to enter earlier than the advertised time, but please be aware that this is upon a case by case basis, if you wish to arrive early, please message us via our social media platforms, or give us a call for free at 0800 779 7388 

What time does the film start: 
Unlike most companies, we don’t need to wait til sunset. Our state-of-the-art LED video wall can be used in full sunlight. The start time of the film is always advertised on our social media pages, and our event ticket store. Any questions feel free to contact us directly. 

Is seating provide/can I bring my own? 
VIP tickets all include a chair in a prime location. You are more than welcome to bring your own chair. Due to COVID-19, every ticket includes a chair! (Standard - folding camping chair) (VIP - Premium deckchair on the front rows).

Can I smoke? 
You are allowed to smoke, BUT not within the main screening area, you can exit the site and re-enter as soon as you are finished! 

Will there be toilets? 
All our screenings will have toilets. Some toilets have a small charge as they are run by the local council, but this will be advertised clearly on our event page. Please note that some cinema screening sites can be upto 5 minutes walk away. (again this will be clearly advertised)